The best Family Law legal advice you will ever get, is to avoid the Family Court system, because no matter who you are, you will not enjoy the experience. It can cost you a lot of money, cause you a lot of emotional grief, and there can be no guarantee you will get want you want.

If at all possible, try and resolve it with your partner.

Until the family law problems are resolved, you will probably find it hard to get on with the rest of your life.

However, it is not always possible to reach an agreement!




There are two main areas of dispute in family law matters.

The first is the children.

This is all about who is to be the main carer for the children, and where they live, and how much time the other person gets to spend time with them.

The second one is the property, and it is about who gets what! 


The Family Court or Federal Circuit Court will be the Court you will normally go to. You can go to your State Local Court on Family Law issues, but it is not the normal Court you would use. More often than not, a Local Court will transfer you to the Family or Federal Circuit Court.

Drake & Associates can advise you as the proper choice of Court.

You can either be married or in a de-facto relationship. The Family and Federal Circuit Court now has the power to deal with children and property issues, in either case.

Two Good Reasons to  Seek Legal Advice.

1. If it looks like your relationship is about to fail, you should see a lawyer or solicitor and get legal advice, sooner, rather than later. That person can advise you as to what is likely to happen if you go to court in regard to the children, and the property. Your friends may be helpful, but Family Law issues can be complex.

It is when you are armed with this knowledge that you can talk to your partner and hopefully reach an agreement which suits both of you.

If this legal advice helps you to settle children and property family law issues with your partner, without having to start an action in the court system, it could be the cheapest legal advice you will ever get. Drake & Associates can provide you with this timely advice.

You will be so far ahead, and the money you will have saved can be spent on the important things in your life.

2. The other advantage in seeing a lawyer early is that it provides you the opportunity to interview that person.

It may be, that no matter what, the problems can’t be solved, and you have to go through the court system. Well, unless you decide to represent yourself, you will need to choose a lawyer or solicitor to assist you through the process.

You will tell your lawyer or solicitor lots of personal and private information, things you don’t even tell your best friends. It is important you trust that person.

Therefore this first meeting helps you decide, whether this person, is the person to look after your extremely important and personal family law matters, and whether you will be able to work with them.

These are important factors in helping you to decide on who should be your legal representative in Family law and other legal issues.

Drake & Associates can advise you and provide the timely advice needed to enable you to negotiate with your former partner to minimise the potential for costly Family Court actions. Get the advice now. Why leave it to chance?