The Basics

Debt recovery can be complex… If demands by you to your debtor to pay the money owing do not succeed and you want your money it’s time to consider what actions are available.

If you’re at this stage, it is time to let Central Coast Hunter Collections and our professional debt collection specialists take over. Our professional debt collection services  have a high rate of success of getting the money, without the need to go to court.

Central Coast Hunter Collections charge a $55.00 administration fee on all files.

In the initial stage of the debt collection process Central Coast Hunter Collections will make a number of written and verbal demands to your debtor for payment.

If these demands are successful and your debt is collected without legal action you pay Central Coast Hunter Collections a commission on the debt collected, which is calculated on a rolling scale.

If demands by you, and Central Coast Hunter Collections do not get the money paid you then have 2 choices.

  1. The first one is simple you write it off as a bad debt and forget about it.
  2. The second choice is to initiate legal action to obtain a Court Judgment, which is an order of the Court that you are owed the money by your debtor. Central Coast Hunter Collections can coordinate the necessary legal action to achieve this.

If legal action is required there will be additional expenses for legal documents/ services. The costs of the legal documents/services will be payable by you upfront but most of these costs are generally added to the debt for collection.

The good news Central Coast Hunter Collections is backed by the legal support of Drake & Associates. This means if legal action is commenced the legal documents are done at the court prescribed costs instead of the uncapped legal costs other firms may charge. This is an advantage that many other agencies do not have.

It is when you are armed with this court judgment that you are allowed to take other legal steps to get the money. Your debt professional debt collection specialist from Central Coast Hunter Collections will talk you through this stage and provide you with detailed and accurate advice as to what your options are.

With any debt recovery it is important that you choose the right debt recovery service. You should choose a debt recovery service with a high success rate such as Central Coast Hunter Collections.

A word though, there are people out there, who are professional debtors. They make their arrangements so that they never become personally liable, or they just don’t care and will move on to avoid you collecting the money due. Some debtor’s know how to delay you getting the court orders needed to collect the money due, and work the system, buying time so they can re-arrange their affairs to avoid paying you.

We can never guarantee that you will always collect money that is owed to you. Debtors do go bankrupt, or just disappear. However Central Coast Hunter Collections can assure you that if we do not believe pursuing your debt or debtor is likely to be successful we will tell you and not recommend taking further action.

Central Coast Hunter Collections experience and knowledge can help you through all of these stages. We have the legal support of Drake & Associates who will ensure these important considerations are properly managed and will provide all necessary advice as to the best method of recovery.

Call Central Coast Hunter Collections now for that right advice and obligation free quotes.