Buying a home is an area of law, known as residential conveyancing, where you cannot afford to make mistakes. Unless you have the time and, the necessary skills or knowledge, you should have Affordable Conveyancing Services do the conveyance for you.

Residential Conveyancing is the branch of legal practice, where home titles are examined to ensure the legal conveyance of the title of the home from one person to another.


Buying a home or any other residential property is an important decision for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you have done it once, or many times before. Home buying requires careful planning. Mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars. So, unless you can afford to lose money, you have to plan carefully to minimise your risks.

This is tips on home buying to help guide you through the process and advise you as to the things you should think about and plan before you start home buying. It will help you understand some of the terms used, the costs of buying the home, the on-going costs, the initial steps in home buying, and what other people may be involved.

It is based on purchasing in New South Wales, however, many of the principles apply in any Australian State, even though the practice will vary from State to State.

The major questions when buying a home are:

  • Affordability?
  • Home Loan?
  • Loan Interest?
  • Stamp Duty?
  • Is there problems with the property?

There is a process in buying a home. It is very handy to understand how it works.

There are a number of different professionals who can help and advise you.

When you purchase real property, you will be entering into a legal relationship with the vendor. This comes about through the contract for sale.

After you have finally agreed to buy the home, you need to exchange contracts.

It doesn’t end there though. There are many things to be done to ensure that the property is what you think you are buying and that you are the legal owner when you finally hand over your money.

Buying your home is called conveyancing, and is an area of law, where if mistakes are made, it can cost a lot of money. Unless you have the necessary skills and knowledge, and the time, you should get Affordable Conveyancing Services to look after your purchase.