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Buying or Selling Your Home?

We aim to provide both an affordable and high quality reliable service for our clients.

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Buying a home is called conveyancing. If mistakes are made, it can cost a lot of money. Unless you have the necessary time, skills and knowledge, you should engage us to look after your purchase.

We prepare the home sales contract for marketing, negotiate any changes before exchange, and then do all the paperwork required to complete the selling of your home.

Business Transactions

Business Transactions

Conveyancers with Legal Support

We are Conveyancers but also have solid legal support provided by the legal team of Drake & Associates.


Conveyancing deals with the transfer of real property. It can be your home, an investment property, or commercial premises.

Conveyancers ensure that, whether you are buying, or, selling land, a house, factory unit or any real property that the legal title is properly conveyed.

So whether you are buying or selling, Conveyancers should be there, to look after your interests and your interests only. That’s where we come in.

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Awesome solicitor!

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No issues and extremely helpful! Can't thank Tegan enough!